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Hi there! I’m a bike messenger by day, aspiring actor by night, and this is my blog. I live in Los Angeles, have a great dog named Jack, and I like piña coladas. (And gettin‘ caught in the rain.)

…or something like this:

The XYZ Doohickey Company was founded in 1971, and has been providing quality doohickies to the public ever since. Located in Gotham City, XYZ employs over 2,000 people and does all kinds of awesome things for the Gotham community.

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  41. Leaders Blog New YorkEAST RUTHERFORD, N. J. — Giants coach Tom Coughlin stated the starters will engage in approximately 20 snaps once the Giants play host towards Colts on Sunday, as you move second string will receive about 25 snaps. „If we get any specific snap distribution like we did another night [against Pittsburgh], it might be a 65-snap game, if it went doing this, “ Coughlin said. [+] EnlargeJim O’Connor/USA RIGHT NOW SportsCurtis Painter won’t consider any snaps against Indy; Donald Carr and Eli Manning will probably. The 20 snaps for any starters in the subsequent preseason game is component to the gradual snaps increase for that starters through the very first three preseason games, before toning it down for any final one. The Giants‘ starters had a strong showing last Saturday, scoring a touchdown while holding Pittsburgh into a field goal. Coughlin added the fact that team will only use three quarterbacks this 1 week, as David Carr and Curtis Painter shall be split up. Carr will play contrary to the Colts, along with Eli Manning in addition to rookie Ryan Nassib, while Painter will play the following Saturday against the Jets. JPP REPLACE: Coughlin liked what this individual saw from rehabbing defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul throughout a workout on Thursday. Pierre-Paul experienced offseason back surgery, and it isn’t known yet whether he’ll be ready for any season opener against Dallas. „He worked well yesterday. I think he’s a little sore today so these people slowed him down again, “ Coughlin said. „Yesterday was a truly cinematic day. He ran well. He worked in the training. „Coughlin didn’t believe the soreness was a sign of a setback. „He leaped yesterday well, he’s sore today probably because he were running, so they only held him back right now, “ Coughlin said. „In additional words, he’s not ready to come out two days inside a row and do just what exactly he did yesterday. Nonetheless I’m encouraged by exactly what he did. „ALL WITH REGARD TO AHMAD: Coughlin raved with regards to former Giant Ahmad Bradshaw, who will return to help MetLife Stadium for the first time since he signed with the Colts in the offseason. Bradshaw played for any Giants from 2007-12, successful two Super Bowls. This individual won’t play Sunday. „He appeared to be a tough, hard-nosed gentleman. Any time you came to the field you knew what you had been going to get rid of him. Very focused, quite physical, very tough. Enjoyed hard, very emotional within the way he played. He was an enormous, big part of your two championship teams, “ Coughlin reported. „Those are the things that jump out for me: his durability, his heart, the manner he approached every game, the emotion he place into it. He would engage in with extreme pain, it is assumed that. Nothing but good thoughts about him. „END WHICH HAS A FIGHT: A scuffle halted training on Friday, drawing that ire of Coughlin. It appeared defense end Adewale Ojomo had been involved. The team was in the center of a two-minute drill once the skirmish broke out, ending practice. „Of course I am not happy. Why would I be happy that? “ Coughlin said. „You could get somebody hurt under those people circumstances. „Tags: Tom Coughlin, Coughlin ReportEAST RUTHERFORD, N. J. — Three prohibited, Stevie Brown was the fifth-to-last pick in the NFL draft. On Weekend, Brown will be the top end safety for the Manhattan Giants, when they take on the Indianapolis Colts. [+] EnlargeWilliam Perlman/The Star-Ledger/USA RIGHT NOW SportsWith Antrel Rolle out with an ankle harm, Stevie Brown will ought to step up at protection. Brown played in all 16 games recently, starting 11 of these individuals, but with Antrel Rolle available with an ankle injuries, Brown suddenly becomes a lot more important. Brown said Friday in which he is trying to be a little more vocal throughout Rolle’s absence, but spoken to confidence in Ryan Mundy, who’ll start alongside him at safety in Rolle’s spot. Brown and Mundy played together first year at Michigan. „It’s several, definitely different not getting Trel there, “ Brown said. „But Mundy s an awesome professional. It s still really good to work with Mundy — he doesn t know each thing, but he still has a good grasp of the playbook, so that it s not much of an drop-off in communicating to help him and everything like that. „Mundy signed with the particular Giants in March right after spending four seasons to be a backup with the Steelers. The Giants signed Brown the previous spring, with modest expectations. After all, Brown lasted just one single season with the Raiders when they drafted him in this seventh round, 251st general, in 2010. Brown used the Colts in 2011, but lasted just one single season there, playing within eight games and recording five tackles. Last tumble, with former Giants basic safety Kenny Phillips struggling by means of injuries, Brown got her chance — and he took advantage. He got his begin in Week 5 versus Cleveland, had an interception, without gave up the work. Not only that, he finished up with eight interceptions, tied for second-most in the NFL with Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman along with behind only Bears cornerback Ricky Jennings (nine). „I didn t have to do interviews with this many cameras this occassion last year, “ Brown said Friday, laughing. „It s definitely a little bit different. Coaches talk to you in a different technique, players talk to you inside a different way and everything like this. It s not with regards to, ‚Keep it going, prevent your head focused, see whenever you can try to make this specific team. ‚ Now that s like, ‚We re gonna want things from you this holiday season, we expect things from you this holiday season. ‚ „Stevie Brown#27 SNew York Giants2012 STATSTot76Solo64Ast12Sack0. 0Int8It shall be difficult to replicate in which gaudy interception total. Nonetheless coach Tom Coughlin stated Friday that he’s finding similar play from Brown lightly thus far in teaching camp. „Yeah, we ve noticed plenty, “ Coughlin reported. „He s done a good job, he s a lot more aware of what we’d like from that placement. He can get individuals in coverages, in the correct coverages. He and Antrel are very effective together. „Brown certainly feels more at your home in East Rutherford this kind of summer. But he still feels he has a lot to prove. „There are always gonna be questions every sole year, “ he reported. „Until you get established or someone does it year in and yr out, you re always gonna have questions — in the event you re going to you need to be a one-year guy? So I believe every single year you also have to go out now there and prove yourself. „His up coming chance comes Sunday evening, against one of her former teams. Tags: Ny Giants, Stevie BrownEAST RUTHERFORD, N. J. — The Giants will follow the NFL’s brand new security policy regarding purses for Sunday’s second preseason game contrary to the Colts at MetLife Arena. The NFL Committee about Stadium Security passed any stricter policy in May that restricts the type and type of totes that fans can have. The Giants „strongly encourage“ fans never to bring bags, but fans shall be allowed to bring within bags that meet selected qualifications. Here’s the checklist: One bag that is clear plastic, vinyl or PVC, and won’t exceed 12 inches by means of 6 inches by 10 inches A one-gallon crystal clear plastic freezer bag (example: Ziploc) Compact clutch bag, roughly the type of a hand, with or without any handle or strap Exceptions will created „medically necessary“ bags soon after an inspectionItems that are not allowed inside the stadium include: Purses larger than a clutch bag; coolers; briefcases; bum packs; backpacks; seat cushions; cinch bags; luggage; digital camera bags; computer bags; binocular cases and bags larger approach permitted size. The Leaders sent clear bags for you to season-ticket holders, with one bag distributed for every two tickets on a forex account. You can read more to the policy here. AP Photo/Seth WenigDan Connor is actually battling Mark Herzlich for any starting middle linebacker work. EAST RUTHERFORD, N. J. — The Giants might be switching things up at middle linebacker for Sunday’s game contrary to the Colts as Dan Connor took reps when using the first team during Friday’s perform. Mark Herzlich has been the starting middle linebacker, but Giants coach Tom Coughlin said following on from the first preseason game alongside Pittsburgh that no special linebacker stood out in the win. Connor, known more to be a run-stopper, previously took reps with the first team on Mon. The Giants signed him in the offseason to help bolster the condominium. One of the team’s biggest battles this summer is at linebacker, and this competition between Herzlich and Connor shall be worth keeping an eyesight on. After giving Herzlich an extended look, it appears Connor is certain to get his chance. Here are other sorts of notes and observations out of practice: Practice ended which has a scrum during a two-minute punch led by rookie quarterback Ryan Nassib. It appeared that defensive end Adewale Ojomo was in the scuffle. Coughlin was never pleased with the skirmish. The defense didn’t make many plays in the afternoon, but Aaron Ross intercepted Nassib and had a good pass deflection on a throw with Julian Talley. The starters didn’t not in favor of each other often at Friday. A lot of the action inside the seven-on-sevens and 11-on-11s gave the backups an opportunity to play. Talley and Louis Murphy were active in the passing game, each finding and catching several balls. Murphy appears locked in to the second-string receiving unit together with Rueben Randle. Randle and Victor Cruz each had nice grabs for any good chunk of yardage. Randle found a ball from Eli Manning decrease the left sideline, while Cruz extended to haul in the pass from David Carr. Cruz’s capture pleased the crowd. Brandon Myers is still a nice option inside the intermediate passing game, because the quarterbacks found him several times a day over the middle. Manning targeted Myers several times a day, including during a crimson zone drill. James Brewer served because the right tackle for the actual second-string unit, while Justin Pugh appeared to be at left tackle. Pugh is slated to create his preseason debut Sunday contrary to the Colts. The Giants tried a wheelhouse route together with David Wilson, but that didn’t work as Carr overthrew the actual running back. Wilson scored over a wheelhouse route in the season finale against Philadelphia, is actually his speed, it could be a type of play the Giants look to use to get Wilson inside open space. Tags: Mark Herzlich, dan connor, Training Camp 2013, Practice ReportMarvin Austin knows how big of an summer this is regarding him. The former second-round decide on understands this likely could be a make-or-break camp for him or her. „I think this may be a pivotal point for my home in my career, “ Austin reported. 10 Hottest Issues At Giants Camp The Super Bowl is at MetLife, and the Leaders want in. Here are the 10 issues standing in the way. Top 10 Blog About Sunday, the Giants play the Colts in the second preseason game, and Perry Fewell thinks this may be a nice opportunity for Austin to exhibit what he can perform against Indy. He and Adrian Tracy are hoping to show their value with three preseason adventures left. Read their tale here. In case everyone missed it: Are the Giants greater than they were last time? We debate this in addition to I give my side. And you need to vote here. Prince had an enormous summer. He dressed up as on the list of Jabbawockeez and proposed to his girlfriend. I’ve already told him I need to see him show me the actual Jabbawockeez dance routine he had to learn, and I will record it. Ahmad Bradshaw is still adjusting to life for ex-Giant. On Sunday, he’ll be on the reverse of sideline at MetLife Stadium. He describes it to be a „strange“ feeling. The 411: The Giants make contact with work and practice now from 1: 30 p. m. -3: 1 OUT OF 3 p. m. The offensive line unit will hint autographs after practice. Tags: Ny Giants, Ahmad Bradshaw, Prince Amukamara, Marvin Austin, Adrian Tracy, Training Camp 2013Ahmad Bradshaw is still getting used to life with no Giants for the first time in his pro career. On Sunday, Bradshaw in addition to his new team, that Indianapolis Colts, will visit MetLife Stadium to learn the Giants. Bradshaw won’t play, but being to the opposite sideline will often be odd. He still comes from MetLife as „Giants Stadium. „[+] EnlargeAP Photo/Michael ConroyEx-Giant RB Ahmad Bradshaw will stand to the opposite sideline Sunday when he returns to MetLife. „It nonetheless is strange, man, “ Bradshaw said Thursday in the conference call. „Just being with the Giants six years, and just knowing the full system, and going through several changes. it’s still odd. But I feel comfortable in Indiana. And they’ve taken me in like a brother. “ (But) POST ve been with my Giants my whole career, “ he later put in. „And I never thought about it on the other hand. So it ll stand out. But I understand it s an online business. The Giants released Bradshaw in the offseason in one of an few salary-slicing moves. The Giants at the moment are handing over the beginning job to David Wilson, who’ll share carries with Andre Brown lightly. Even though Bradshaw spotted the Giants draft Wilson in the first round in 2012, he still held available hope that he would return because of this season. I never once felt it was coming to an stop, Bradshaw said. „I never seemed to take it that it was coming to an end….They drafted David Wilson in the first round….(But) I thought there were still a chance (of returning). Bradshaw hopes his surgically restored feet and ankles shall be fully healthy and all set for the season opener. This individual sees some similarities among his new quarterback, Andrew Beginners luck, and his old one particular, Eli Manning. He s an awesome guy, Bradshaw said connected with Luck. We re basically neighbors, and I ve built an awesome relationship with Andy. He s simillar to him (Manning) — a reliable. He s just a perfect quarterback. Tags: New York Titans, Ahmad Bradshaw, Eli Manning, Andre Brown, David Wilson, Training Camping 2013EAST RUTHERFORD, N. J. — More than two years after being drafted, New York Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara went from being a swiftly nave rookie to a undisputed starter and hired man. The 2011 first-round opt for of Nebraska will possibly be a starting corner contrary Corey Webster this time. Giants coach Tom Coughlin chatted highly of Amukamara soon after Wednesday’s training camp train. „I think he’s a lot more in tune with what we want him to do, “ Coughlin said. „He feels better, he’s growing with confidence, he’s made plenty of plays here in the actual preseason. I’m expecting him to obtain a real good year or so. “ [+] EnlargeAP Photo/Julio CortezPrince Amukamara is firmly entrenched to be a starter. Amukamara, 24, said he felt like he managed to step up last season as being the Giants weathered injuries, including another straight season-ending injury to help fellow corner Terrell Thomas. „I think I used to be ready for those [opportunities] and I stepped approximately the challenge, “ Amukamara reported. Being a cornerback, particularly coming in as a backup, is often a high-pressure job. „Like with the D-tackle or linebacker, should they miss the gap, no one can really see it if you don’t correct it on movie, “ Amukamara said. „But with the corner, everyone is screaming at their TV. “ Given your public nature of his new proposal, Amukamara is receiving comfortable with that spotlight. He proposed to his / her girlfriend, Pilar Davis, on stage in the Jabbawockeez performance in Las Vegas. He place on a mask and acquired the dance moves, is actually Davis in a couch on stage, pulled heli-copter flight mask and pulled out an engagement ring. She said yes. Now they are planning the wedding, even though Amukamara is mulling no matter whether to release a movie about his proposal to help Davis — his initial girlfriend. „You can always think the grass shall be greener on the other side, “ Amukamara reported. „But I was told the grass can even be greener where you usually are. I’ve been around all women, and she just divided herself. “ Some with the best advice he got from Thomas was to make use of the opportunities that the NFL provides going, so this offseason, Amukamara attended Aruba and the Bahamas. He also attended his sister’s wedding throughout Nigeria, his parents‘ local country. Amukamara is getting into his third NFL period. In his first, Amukamara was component to the Giants‘ Super Bowl-winning work. It was an intro that made the feat seem easier to perform than it actually is actually. „It was great just to experience all that with my first year, trying to play in high-pressure games, joining that atmosphere, “ Amukamara reported. „It kind of spoiled it for me, because I almost thought every year shall be like this — which obviously it isn’t. „This season, the Super Bowl shall be held in the Giants‘ personal MetLife Stadium. Suffice it to speak about, Amukamara hopes for any return engagement. Tags: Ny Giants, Prince Amukamara, Training Camp 2013EAST RUTHERFORD, N. J. — Marvin Austin in addition to Adrian Tracy got their first taste of NFL game action in 2012. [+] EnlargeAP Photo/Don WrightMarvin AustinThey might see more in 2013 — or they could be looking for an additional job. Austin, a protecting tackle, and Tracy, any defensive end, are currently listed as third-stringers to the New York Giants‘ interesting depth chart. They could transfer up, but right now rookies Damontre Moore and also Johnathan Hankins are before them. „I think that is the pivotal point for me in my career, “ Austin reported Wednesday. „I’ve been hurt the full time I’ve been right here, and I feel like so long as I can stay healthy and balanced, I’ll be able to support this team. „Austin was the Giants‘ second-round draft pick in 2011 from North Carolina, and the actual team had high hope for him. But Austin missed each one of his rookie season which has a torn pectoral muscle. He played in eight games recently and had eight discusses. He did not file a tackle last Saturday in Pittsburgh because the Giants opened the preseason, nonetheless defensive coordinator Perry Fewell appreciated what he saw nonetheless. „I thought Marvin executed well, “ Fewell reported earlier this week. „He’s progressed every week in practice. He’s had the complete offseason with the OTAs, which he didn’t have in the past. I look for nutrients from him this Sunday in the football game [against the particular Indianapolis Colts]. „This shall be a really good prospect for him to display his quickness and his abilities. I think Pittsburgh is often a big, massive offensive range. Indy, they’ll play more towards strengths of Marvin and so it’s going to be exciting to see him during this game. „[+] Enlarge Jason Bridge/USA RIGHT NOW SportsAdrian Tracy“He’s done good this camp rushing that passer, “ head private coach Tom Coughlin said Saturday, „and we really would like to see him do a good job against the operate. “ Tracy, the Giants‘ sixth-round draft pick completely out of William & Mary, was seen as more of a job. He’s small for your defensive end — 6-foot-2, 245 pounds. But after missing his rookie season thanks to injury and spending 2011 to the practice squad, Tracy played in every 16 games last year or so, with 12 tackles andf the other sack. „Adrian Tracy is actually much improved, “ Fewell reported. „I think he’s gonna contribute to our footballing team. We’re going to be a better defense if he continues to receive better. „Tracy has been compared to former Giants defensive conclude Osi Umenyiora, even becoming given the nickname „Yosi“ (short regarding „Young Osi“). But Moore, the Giants‘ third-round pick this holiday season, outshone him against that Steelers, with four tackles, a quarterback hit and a blocked punt. Tracy is still optimistic that he’ll get plenty of chances to show what the guy can do this year. „We have a very wide array of defensive ends, and we all get different skill sets that may be plugged in throughout the growing season, “ Tracy said. „And by using that, all opportunities are still to the table. „Moore has missed training time this week which has a shoulder contusion, so it be understood as both Austin and Tracy has a big opportunity come Sunday night resistant to the Colts. They need to take benefit from it. Tags: New York Titans, Marvin Austin, Adrian TracyThe Giants contain the day off today, but we’re gonna hear from an outdated friend. Ahmad Bradshaw will consult with reporters later this morning in the conference call to look at life with the Colts, which play the Giants at Sunday. The Giants released Bradshaw in the offseason when they ended up cutting salaries and relocating a different direction. It was a tough decision completely around, because the Giants and also Bradshaw have much love first another. Come back towards blog later today to determine what Bradshaw had to say. In case you missed it: Antrel Rolle offers already shed his jogging boot. That didn’t have long! Terrell Thomas‘ hottest comeback is progressing. He has been testing his leg by covering Victor Cruz in the slot. Tom Coughlin took his team bowling to create chemistry. Check out yesterday’s training report. Henry Hynoski is still aiming for a Few days 1 return. Tom Quinn discusses the state in the special teams. Tags: Ny Giants, Tom Coughlin, Terrell Thomas, Antrel Rolle, Ahmad Bradshaw, Victor CruzEAST RUTHERFORD, N. J. — The Ny Giants haven’t made several personnel changes on felony or defense from last season to the current season. Special teams is usually another story. The Giants will present a new place-kicker with 2013. And their primary kick returner are likely to be new as well. Josh Brown replaces Lawrence Tynes, who were being with the Giants given that 2007 and had come through inside the clutch many times, which includes with two overtime kicks within NFC championship games, on your way, sending Big Blue towards Super Bowl. [+] EnlargeAP Photo/Seth WenigJosh Brown lightly knocked in three field goals in the Giants‘ preseason game contrary to the Steelers. But special teams coordinator Tom Quinn likes what he has seen from Brown thus far, despite the news that he missed a 38-yard field goal inside the first preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Brown would make three others, which includes a 47-yarder. )On Saturday, Quinn called the 34-year-old Brown lightly „a consistent veteran kicker“ plus said the team had not been concerned that Brown had not been even on an NFL roster for all of last season before being acquired by the Cincinnati Bengals around December. „It was a different year so far as kickers. I don big t think anyone changed kickers right until Week 13 or 15, “ Quinn said. „Usually a man like Josh, who didn t create a team, would have been acquired earlier, so I are convinced was a surprise to everyone. We didn t really focus on that part of that. „Brown has actually taught with Giants punter/holder Steve Weatherford in the past, and Quinn said the actual chemistry between Brown, Weatherford and long snapper Zak DeOssie is rolling out quickly. „It s long gone really well, “ Quinn reported. „I think Zak and Steve did a good job. I believe they re better than we were holding last year, so that made the transition a little bit easier. „As for the actual return game, the Leaders had the NFL chief in kick return yardage last season in David Wilson. But Wilson is expected to have an increased role on offense 2010. He’s still listed because the No. 1 kick returner to the depth chart, but head coach Tom Coughlin features indicated the Giants will probably pick and choose when to make use of Wilson on special groups, as opposed to placing him back there at all times. „That s all around the powers that often be, “ Quinn said. „Everyone realizes he or she is a weapon. If the time and the place is usually right, then I think all of us ll put him in after we work with everyone. „Jerrel Jernigan and Da’Rel Scott are listed because the second- and third-string quit returners, but both usually are currently out with incidents. Another candidate is fresh running back Michael Cox. „He azines looked good in train, “ Quinn said. „We ve just obtained see him hanging around when it is full-speed are living tackling. He does manage to make people miss and he or she is explosive. „Rueben Randle was the chief punt returner last months, but the Giants accomplished dead-last in punt-return yardage. „It s spacious, “ Quinn said in the punt returner job. „We get Rueben. We got Jayron Hosley. We have Jernigan. We have Donald taking some reps backside there. And we have some young guys i am interested in. Kevin Robust is one, a recipient. Laron Scott and [Charles] Adam. So those are the guys in the mix right now. „Tags: Ny Giants, Josh Brown, Training Camp 2013EAST RUTHERFORD, N. J. — With so many new faces on that team, New York Titans coach Tom Coughlin sorted out a team outing Thursday night, taking players into a bowling and billiards place to compete over a smaller scale. „That appeared to be a surprise for these individuals last night, “ Coughlin reported Wednesday. „We’ve done it in the past. We’ve done different elements. We’ve taken years wherever we haven’t, and we were going to do it this year because we have so many new guys, so many young people. We needed a little team-building session and we thought that would be a good idea. It was advisable. “ Some news in the event came out by using Twitter, and punter Steve Weatherford placed photos from Frames bowling alley — including on the list of Manning brothers‘ „football on your phone“ commercial playing in several big-screen TVs. So how did Coughlin complete? „Lousy at best, “ that coach said. Coughlin was also asked within the connection between Eli Manning along with Victor Cruz. They connected on back-to-back plays in debt zone Wednesday, with Cruz creating a one-handed touchdown catch. Nonetheless, Coughlin is looking to get more. „Today? “ Coughlin expected. „We’re trying to progress with it, that’s undoubtably. It certainly isn’t midseason variety. “ The Giants have had plenty of injured players this instruction camp, and some are still out while some are being worked back to the their spots during various speeds. Coughlin was asked in the event that players missing the reps meant they were falling too far lurking behind. „Well, they catch in place, “ Coughlin said. „In simple fact, they don’t miss anything except taking the distributors. If they’re smart, what they actually is by position, they’re reading the corrections. They’re wanting to visualize themselves in in which position…corrected. „If they’re very mindful and alert and understand the circumstances that they are in, then they actually don’t lose any of the actual mental time. It’s the field time that they lose, and hopefully once they get to visit they catch up. It might be a day, it is likely to be two days, it depends upon how it is. „Tags: Ny Giants, Coughlin Report, Tom CoughlinAP Photo/Frank Franklin IIDavid Wilson & Company. had a little fun to the practice field Wednesday. FAR EAST RUTHERFORD, N. J. — About Tuesday, Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell attempted several different formations for the duration of practice. On Wednesday, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride got a little creative. During 11-on-11 red zoom work about 2/3 in the way through practice, that Giants ran a halfback solution play. David Wilson got the ball to the left of Eli Manning, launched a left-handed complete toward the left corner in the end zone, and a broad open Victor Cruz hauled the ball in for a touchdown. The masses ate it up, cheering boisterously. Which doesn’t love a strategy play? The Giants attempted 539 passes last season — Manning threw 536 of these, and backup QB David Carr tossed another three. But maybe Wilson is certain to get in the mix somewhere along the route this fall? Here are other sorts of highlights/lowlights from Wednesday’s train: 10 Hottest Issues At Giants Camp The Super Bowl is at MetLife, and the Leaders want in. Here are the 10 issues standing in the way. Top 10 Blog During 11-on-11’s at the beginning, Carr connected with WR Louis Murphy for any nice gain down that left-hand side. Ryan Nassib tried for connecting with TE Chase Clement, in addition to Clement almost made a good acrobatic one-handed grab, nonetheless he couldn’t quite stay on. The defense was out during 7-on-7 operate Wednesday. CB Prince Amukamara have a near-pick of Manning over a short pass to Murphy. Carr threw left to Hakeem Nicks and LB Jacquian Williams made a good looking play, leaping to deflect the actual ball away. And CB Laron Scott had another interception Wednesday — Carr threw deep left for Murphy, and Scott ran along the ball and made a good looking over-the-shoulder grab. In reddish colored zone 11-on-11’s, just before Wilson’s halfback option go, CB Aaron Ross experienced excellent coverage on Cruz in the back-left corner of the completed zone, breaking up your potential touchdown pass. Williams produced another nice play for the duration of 11-on-11 goal line perform, breaking up a Manning pass designed for TE Brandon Myers. But immediately after, Manning connected with Cruz for any touchdown over the midst. Carr almost threw his second interception in the day in a goal-line collection, when he attempted a shorter pass to WR Kevin Hardy that went right through CB Jayron Hosley’s arms. Nassib, on the various other hand, hooked up with WR Ramses Barden for any touchdown in the exact same situation. As usual, practice ended which has a two-minute drill, and this time around around Carr got the particular nod at QB. This individual did complete a go to TE Larry Donnell, but ultimately failed to acquire his team in the end zone. Gilbride said Tuesday the fact that backup quarterback job can be up for grabs involving Carr, Nassib and Curtis Plumber. Carr is the favored, but he definitely didn’t place on a great performance Friday. Tags: New York Titans, Tom Coughlin, Eli Manning, Training Camp 2013EAST RUTHERFORD, N. J. With his left knee in the sizable wrap, Henry Hynoski is getting closer to returning towards field, even if the new York Giants fullback won’t specifically know when that may be. „I’m looking forward for her to get back out on the field as soon as possible and playing some football, “ Hynoski said. „Like POST said, I’m going to perform everything in my power. I’m very diligent with everything I do to receive back on the field along at the earliest convenience. Whenever which is, whenever that may often be, I’ll be ready in addition to conditioned, ready to move. „[+] EnlargeJim O’Connor/USA RIGHT NOW SportsHenry Hynoski, his still left knee wrapped, has been a spectator during coaching camp. Hynoski underwent knee surgery in May, after suffering a trauma to his medial collateral ligament and a chip fracture in her left knee during OTAs. Hynoski said he or she is progressing according to that rehab schedule that’s been recently set, and that people inside the organization are happy with how things are getting. „I’m very encouraged, “ Hynoski reported. „I’ve got the greatest trainers helping me out, and doctors. They’re quite encouraged too. „PICK IN ADDITION TO ROLLE: Giants safety Antrel Rolle was from his walking boot Saturday. He said his ankle injury may have been the worst pain he is ever experienced, but this individual won’t „milk it. “ Because of the afternoon practice, Rolle was to the sideline with the perfect ankle taped. RANDLE IN THE WIND: Giants WR Reuben Randle reported he was shaken in place in Tuesday’s practice. „Hit my head on the turf a little bit, “ he said. „Just had to regroup myself, get back up and make contact with practice. „Asked if this individual had any concerns, Randle reported, „No, I’m good. „ATTENDANCE REPORT: The following players couldn’t practice DE Damontre Moore (shoulder contrusion), WR Jerrel Jernigan (hamstring), WR Brandon Collins (hamstring) in addition to RB Da’Rel Scott (sore shoulder). CB Corey Webster appeared to practice in the limited capacity. James Brewer returned towards field from a concussion. Tags: Ny Giants, Injury report, Henry HynoskiEAST RUTHERFORD, N. J. — Terrell Thomas pronounces he won’t need a preseason game to learn that his surgically restored ACL is ready for any season. The cornerback, who is attempting a third comeback by ACL surgery, said he’ll know in practice any time he’s ready and back to full strength. Considering that the mentors put Thomas on Victor Cruz in practice for a few snaps on Tuesday, Thomas is actually right. After all, who better to check your knee again approach shifty Cruz in the actual slot? 10 Hottest Issues At Giants Camp The Super Bowl is at MetLife, and the Leaders want in. Here are the 10 issues standing in the way. Top 10 Blog „They were going to see what I are able to do, “ Thomas said. „Victor’s an experienced guitarist Bowl-caliber player, a wonderful Giant, and great competition for me to go against and obtain work and get much better. We love the level of competition. I made a pair plays on him along with vice-versa. We talked concerning this in the locker space, gassed each other up a little bit. But it’s fun. „Thomas called Tuesday’s train a „big day for me. “ He said he managed to make cuts with no hesitation on the turf indoors. The team features slowly been building her workload in practice this week. Trying to defend against Cruz in the slot is definitely arduous task for an expert Bowl cornerback let alone one who is coming off some ACL surgeries. „The slot’s considerably harder, “ Thomas said regarding covering the slot instead of being on the outside. „Because in our offense, Victor has the option to perform whatever he wants. The guy can run in or available, and I have and therefore anticipate that and covers him and play the leverage. It’s definitely considerably harder in that esteem. „On the outside, you’re more on an snowdonia, but it’s more of an controlled island, “ this individual continued. „I think that’s precisely why they put me on the inside, want to see what I’ll do. And at once, you’re a little far more protected with having outdoors leverage, inside leverage, zoom principles, run protection, stuff like this. „Thomas is not sure if he will make his preseason debut on Sunday contrary to the Colts. He just came heli-copter flight PUP list early this morning after a hamstring injury slowed him down early on of camp. But in the event he continues to advance, Thomas will provide the Giants with an added veteran piece in your secondary. „I’m still just building blocks and just trying to knock ‚em down, “ this individual said. „Taking big steps each day. „“Each and every morning, I feel myself getting a lot more confident, and playing without thinking, “ he after added. „I have produced the cuts…Each and daily, I come back out of practice, and my knee’s possibly not swelling up, it’s possibly not hurting me. And that’s the biggest thing. „Tags: New York Titans, Terrell Thomas, Victor Cruz, Training Camp 2013Ohm Youngmisuk has covered Ny sports since 1997. He has covered the NFL, Leaders and Jets since 2006. He joins ESPNNewYork after working in the New York Daily News for almost 12 years as well as being a graduate of Michigan Point out University. Follow Ohm on Twits Jane McManusJane McManus has covered sports in the New York area seeing that 1998, and began covering football right before Brett Favre’s stint with the Jets. Her work in addition has appeared in Newsday, U . S . Today, The Journal Announcement, The Cincinnati Enquirer and also the New York Times. Follow Jane on Twitter.

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  248. No one from her Models 1 agency was available for comment.007 fans, prepare for a treat: the full theme tune to the latest Bond film, Skyfall, debuted this morning on singer 's Twitter page at 0:07am.'s haunting voice and the moody melody have already proved a hit with fans, who have been praising the song on Twitter.'OMG OMG OMG BRILLIANT OO7 BOND SONG JUST GOT CHILLS,' wrote @johnmarc, while @ChristopherFTL gushed: 'Wow! I've been waiting to hear the entire song. , you've created an atmospheric masterpiece. Brilliant.'The 24-year-old singer co-wrote the song with Paul Epworth (producer and co-writer for 's smash hit, Rolling in the Deep), and features 's extraordinary voice backed by a 77-piece orchestra. On 1 October, she posted a pic of the score to her Twitter account. follows in the footsteps of Sir Paul McCartney, Alicia Keys, Jack White, Dame Shirley Bassey and Duran Duran as the latest singer to pen a Bond theme tune. Despite her considerable success in the music industry, admitted she was daunted by the challenge.'I was a little hesitant at first to be involved with the theme song for Skyfall, there’s a lot of instant spotlight and pressure when it comes to a Bond song.'But I fell in love with the script and Paul had some great ideas for the track and it ended up being a bit of a no-brainer to do it in the end,' she said in a statement.Skyfall will premiere in theatres on 26 October, and will be making another debut soon – her first baby with boyfriend Simon Konecki.Listen to the theme tune below and let us know if you think this is the best Bond song yet…So what happens when a stylish film star meets a time-honoured fashion guru? A chic, summer-perfect capsule collection is born. Introducing , by and …Despite her young years, is carving out a serious name for herself in the fashion industry – she's already got design experience with and high-profile campaigns with and under her belt – so we were expecting great things from her latest industry venture.And it doesn't disappoint. The 20-year-old has joined forces with to create a limited edition capsule collection, consisting of five beautiful summer separates.The romantic range – which features two dresses, a blouse, denim shorts and a maxi skirt – is made entirely out of environmentally-friendly materials, and available to buy exclusively from .The pieces were designed to be both wearable and accessible to a wide range of people, while at the same time, tapping that signature Ferrettii style – with prices ranging from €250 to €800. And to tie in with Emma's previous eco-chic collaboration, part of the proceeds will go towards the People Tree Foundation – the non-profit Fair Trade organisation.Oh we do love a spot of feel good fashion… What do you think of and Alberta Ferretti's debut collection? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!In a move that will well and truly cement her rising style status, has made her designer ad debut as the new face of . Flexing her fashion credentials, the Harry Potter star gets a dose of grown-up glamour in the smouldering campaign, which sees her don the iconic trench and pose beside of posse of Burberry boys. Shot by Mario Testino, on location at Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, as with previous campaigns for the London-based fashion house, there is a distinct English feel to the autumn/winter '09 shots. Speaking to WWD, Burberry creative director Christopher Bailey commented, 'I wanted the images to represent both the rich history and the modernity of the Burberry brand, while at the same time reflecting a quiet beauty, timelessness and strength that is particularly significant today.'Wow. Check out these stunning snaps of starring in the Burberry Spring/Summer 2010 campaign. It's a far cry from the frizzy-haired Hermione Granger of Harry Potter, that's for sure… Making her second season appearance as the poster girl for Burberry, Miss Watson has now officially cemented her status as a fully-fledged fashionista. Directed by Christopher Bailey and shot by Mario Testino, the pictures look every bit as glam as the – except this time, Emma's made it something of a family affair…By the looks of these snaps, good looks run in the Watson family – because the actress features alongside her younger brother Alex, 17. (Pictured below.)The photos see the 19-year-old starlet donning an array of the iconic Burberry trenches and head-to-toe catwalk looks – as well as showing off some seriously covetable arm candy.'This campaign celebrates our heritage and our timeless Burberry icons,' says a spokesperson for the brand. 'The energy of the images and the dynamic cast reflect the different attitudes and expressions of the Burberry guy and girl.' Also accompanying Emma in the spring/summer campaign are three other lovely lads – model Max Hurd, singer George Craig, and Matt Gilmour – son of Pink Floyd's David Gilmour. Lucky girl!Check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes video here, featuring interviews with Emma and Christopher Bailey: Are you a fan of Emma's new Burberry ad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!Notice to our readers…We’d like to let you know that this site uses cookies. Without them you may find this site does not work properly and many features may be unavailable. More information on what cookies are and the types of cookies we use can be found  launched her Rumble in the Jumble charity fashion sale last night, and proved exactly why fashionistas will be flocking to East London this weekend to buy a piece of her enviable style.The Iron Man actress looked chic in a fitted dove grey dress designed by Giles for Lee Cooper and knee-high black leather boots. As usual, the perfect finishing touch was her impeccable make-up, which was radiantly natural, with a slick of plum lipstick, topped off with that super-sleek blonde bob.Paltrow has donated a number of pieces of her own clothing to the event, which will raise funds for children’s charity Kids Company. The sale not only features glamorous pieces from the actress, but from many of her celebrity friends, such as Jemima Khan, Trudie Styler, and Laura Bailey.Bursting at the seams with designer pieces, the sale includes clothing from the likes of Alexander McQueen, Armani, Burberry, Cavalli, Chanel, Gucci, Harvey Nichols and Luella.Kids Company’s Director, Camila Batmanghelidjh, commented, 'Many of the children who come to us arrive without adequate clothing, and it can be simple things like good quality shoes, jeans, a winter coat, or even basic necessities such as socks and underwear which help them to feel they are worth something, and that someone cares about them.'She added, 'The sale will fund warm clothes to see these kids through the colder months… We are hugely grateful to and all the event supporters for making these fundamental items available to our children.'The three-day sale kicks off today, and will be open daily from 10am to 7pm, at The Boiler House, Truman Brewery, 152 Brick Lane, London E1 6RU. Entry to the sale costs just £2.  has revealed her top style tips for the , picking key SS'09 pieces in the latest edition of her weekly Goop newsletter.Proving she isn't all about the designer names, the actress gives an insight into her much-coveted wardrobe, and though there are plenty of labels (Isabel Marant, Burberry and Roksanda Ilincic to name a few), it is Topshop that features predominantly throughout.So what does the fashionable Ms Paltrow have in store for spring? Naming her five key trends, the actress first explains, 'I'm going back to my day job this spring, and I am confronted with a few wardrobe issues.'Explaining her spring style mantra, she adds, 'I am going to stick with the classics and update a few simple pieces that are easy to wear.'First up and it is trench coats that earn top spot, as 'a staple that will always remain in your closet.' Modelling a Topshop version, Paltrow teams the design with distressed jeans and ballet pumps ('perfect for the morning school run,' she raves), and also dressed up with a Burberry dusky pink dress.Her second tip is a nautical stripe top (she picks one by St James), and in at third comes ethnic-style dresses by Isabel Marant, which she chooses for being 'easy to wear as they have their own thing going on and don't need accessorising or further thought.' Onto number four and Paltrow names slouchy trousers and gladiator flats, and then concludes with the most fashion forward nod – a jumpsuit. And though the email may be all about the new, Paltrow also reveals that she's had 'a big cathartic spring clearout,' the result of which is a huge eBay sale of her clothing, to raise funds for the Robin Hood Foundation charity.Gwynnie has put up a vast selection of pieces, including Chanel bags, a Michael Kors jumpsuit, and, of course, some signature platform heels, including designs by Roger Vivier and Burberry. To view the sale, .Notice to our readers…We’d like to let you know that this site uses cookies. Without them you may find this site does not work properly and many features may be unavailable. More information on what cookies are and the types of cookies we use can be found They may have played boy wizards in the films, but since the hit franchise wrapped last month two of its male stars have gone all grown-up and had a go at modelling.Following in the footsteps of co-star Emma Watson, who appeared in Burberry’s , and have swapped the film set for the photographer’s studio to appear as the poster boys for the new Band of Outsiders ads.The images, which were shot by the American label’s designer Scott Sternberg at The Magic Castle hotel in Los Angeles last month, show the pair in a series of hazy Polaroid-inspired photos modelling the autumn/winter 2011 collection.The duo, who played Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy in the fantasy films, can be seen looking all grown-up and fashionable wearing striped polo shirts, chinos, checked shirts, hoodies, pea coats and tailored suits, as well as winter accessories such as cashmere beanies and scarves, in the label’s signature preppy aesthetic.As is always the case with Band of Outsiders’ campaigns, the images look like they were a lot of fun to shoot with Rupert and Tom seen giggling in a series of playful poses around the Californian hotel and its gardens.Looking good guys, looking good.Visit the Band of Outsiders to see more pictures from the campaign.Poor , after she was seen leaving the Groucho club with One Direction’s last Thursday she has become the victim of a vicious torrent of abuse from the band’s fans on Twitter.The tweets took a sinister turn this week with some messages containing death threats. Last night Harry and Pixie’s mutual pal, tweeted: ‘Reading some of @pixiegeldof1's death threats. Lol.’This was retweeted by Pixie, who seems to be putting on a brave face despite one threat reading: ‘I hate you b***h, f**k I'll kill you,’ according to the Daily Mirror. After spending the evening partying into the early hours last week Pixie and Harry left the venue with the singer giving the model and DJ a lift home in his Range Rover. Although One Direction fans may well have got their wires crossed as Harry is rumoured to be dating Pixie’s friend Burberry model Cara Delevingne.The 18-year-old was spotted on the front row of the at London Fashion Week on Monday exchanging flirty glances with Cara each time she appeared on the catwalk.As Pixie and Cara join the list of women Harry has been linked to (including Caroline Flack, Caggie Dunlop, and Emily Atack) – there soon won’t be many women left who he hasn’t been rumoured to be dating!What do you make of One Direction fans being able to send death threats to ? How should this issue be tackled? Should the band’s management step in? Have your say below.There is always at least one design house which takes nautical as its key theme for spring/summer, and for 2009, that house is D&G.The invite for yesterday's show should have been a dead giveaway, covered as it was with seafaring flags (I now know exactly the right flag to raise for foxtrot, sierra and zulu should I be stranded halfway across the Atlantic anytime soon), and if it wasn't, the very first anchor-print silk neckerchief paired with high-waisted, wide-legged sailor trousers gave the game away.With all the blue and white striped maillot tees and vests, not to mention hats, shorts and dresses (oh, and lots of fishnet tights), the show had an unmistakable French frisson to it as well, although what the interspersed shiny gold lamé pieces had to do with the French Riviera is anyone's guess – it appears next season's flirtation with all things 80s isn't just reserved for London's designers.If designers have a hankering for the 80s, for Angela it was all about the 70s, with beautiful kaftans, kimono-style jackets, culottes and jumpsuits combined for a relaxed, languid silhouette. Colours were just as laidback, with moody browns, golds, oranges and pinks swirled together in a hazy, summery palette.At , the beautiful collection borrowed from a similar colour scheme, albeit a different season, with soft, autumnal shades of grey, brown, blue and bronze used to exquisite effect on ultra-fine knits, Barbour-style hunting jackets and sweet, drop-waisted dresses. Prints, when they occurred, appeared inspired by Monet: gentle and unobtrusive, yet mesmerising at the same time., too, looked to the painter's archive, using sweet yet soft floral prints on a series of flippy organza sundresses at his morning show. Less unobtrusive were the Italian designer's crystal-encrusted evening gowns, which were designed, surely, with the red carpet in mind.Someone who knows plenty about red carpet dressing is , who also allowed crystals and jewels to play their part at the final show of the day, however, the central role was reserved for yards and yards of retro fringing, which appeared on everything from skirts and dresses to wraps and jackets. It seems both the 70s and 80s have a lot to answer for in the coming season… , Ben Affleck, and Drew Barrymore dusted off their glad-rags last night for the eagerly awaited world premiere of He's Just Not That Into You.With an ensemble cast that reads like a who's who of Hollywood, the film looks set to be the smash of the season, ensuring an A-list turnout for the premiere in Los Angeles, and some seriously swanky outfits.After spending a laidback Super Bowl weekend with on-again, off-again boyfriend John Mayer, went classic in a tux and Salvatore Ferragamo clutch, with messy ponytail and low-key make-up, while co-star Jennifer Connolly opted for a more fashion-forward look, pairing her sequinned green minidress with gem-covered, sky-high Balmain sandals.Short hemlines were a popular choice across the red carpet, with Drew Barrymore – who both stars in the film and acted as producer – and the movie's lead actress, Ginnifer Goodwin, also choosing above-the-knee dress styles. , meanwhile, was in a more feminine mood, posing coyly in a strapless, full-length floral number by Oscar de la Renta., OR WATCH THE MOVIE TRAILER BELOW…

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A new behind the scenes video offers a glimpse at the campaign shoot, showing the gorgeous Rosie striking a pose in a rose gold satin coat, undone to show off her enviable physique beneath, as Mario Testino snaps away. No stranger to the fashion house, Burberry Body is the latest in a string of campaigns Rosie has starred in for the British brand, starting from her very first outing back in 2008 – click through the images above to look back at Rosie's Burberry portfolio. 

Commenting on her latest venture, she said: 'It’s a huge honour to be working with Burberry again, a brand that put my career on the map and helped launch me. To be asked to be the first 'Burberry Body' is an amazing compliment.The scent lands in stores on 1st September across 150 countries – to bag a sample, click onto.Watch the behind the scenes video below….She is one of fashion's hottest new faces, but Rosie Huntington-Whiteley could already be ditching the modelling world, for a role behind the camera.In her role as the face of Burberry, as well as a high profile romance with Ronnie Wood's son, Tyrone, it's been hard to escape Huntington-Whiteley this year.However, she is currently enrolled at prestigious fashion school, Central Saint Martin's, embarking on a crash course in photography. 'Rosie was at St Martin's for just one week, but absolutely loved it,' a source told the . 'She's fascinated by photography and feels she's got a real eye for portraiture – and another eye on her future.'Huntington-Whiteley wouldn't be the first model to move behind the lens. Helena Christensen has forged a a successful career as a photographer, after scaling back her modelling work. have touched down in the United States for their official visit to see President Barack Obama and First Lady . For her arrival in Washington D.C. SamCam flew the flag for British designers in a smart navy Burberry trench coat over the top of Joseph peg leg trousers and L.K. Bennett shoes.Later on, while Cameron and Obama jetted off on Air Force One to catch a basketball game in Ohio and to discuss world politics, Samantha and Michelle attended a mini-Olympics event to raise awareness for Michelle's anti-obesity campaign. For her first official outing on the other side of the pond, removed her Burberry trench to reveal a vibrant pink top by , while the First Lady teamed her cream flared linen trousers with a mustard lace appliqué cardigan by . We cannot wait to see what other style delights these two have in store for us over the next few days!Whose look do you prefer? SamCam in Roksanda Illincic or in L'Wren Scott? Let us know in the comment box below…It's official: we heart . The Marley & Me star lit up Leicester Square last night with her sun-kissed Californian looks and gorgeous Burberry dress.The actress hit the red carpet with co-star Owen Wilson – also decked out in Burberry – in a stunning custom-made, grey-blue, silk, strapless gown, which she invidualised with a funky, gold long necklace and strappy tan heels.The colour of Jen's gorgeous floor-length frock was a welcome break from her usual back-to-black style mantra – and she pulled it off with ease and elegance. While the pair were filming the family comedy together, there were rumours of them dating.The gossip turned out to be false, and Owen is now seemingly rekindling his romance with Kate Hudson, while is firmly on with on-again, off-again boyfriend John Mayer, who recently joined her on the red carpet at the.Other stars who attended the premiere, included mum-to-be Jools Oliver and Dancing On Ice star Roxanne Pallett.Forget David, it's who's just scored a hat-trick – showcasing three winter-perfect Parisian looks during 24 hours in the French fashion capital. When stays in the fashion capital of the world, naturally we expect to be treated to some extra stylish ensembles from our fave fashionista.First up, and Friday saw the Posh one step out in not one, but two covetable cover-ups. VB donned this fierce belted Martin Margiela coat with dramatic split sleeves, for a spot of shopping. The designer teamed her statement coat with maroon and one of her ubiquitous Hermes Birkins, for a spree in the and Isabel Marrant boutiques.Later on in the evening, and Mrs Beckham was snapped leaving the Four Seasons Hotel, showcasing yet another belted beauty – this time by connoisseur of the tan trench, . Sleek locks and ankle-strap heels completed her evening attire – but we feel cold just looking at those exposed pins!Finally, VB watch continued through to Saturday, where Posh decided to partake in another day of shopping. High-shine leggings, towering heels and a black jumper were topped off with her ever-present Birkin (this time in black) and an Antonio Berardi cropped fur jacket – which we're sincerely hoping is of the faux variety. Posh of all people should know that real fur is a real no no! Sigh. Oh to step into her designer shoes for just one day…Which is your favourite look from VB's 24-hour fashion show? Let us know in the comments box below! Check out this gorgeous campaign image from the brand new Burberry Beauty range – featuring .And just when we thought the Brit model couldn't get any more gorgeous… The ad – shot by Mario Testino – sees Rosie starring alongside fellow models and Nina Porter, with all three of the lovely ladies decked out in their finest Burberry trench coats.The British fashion house is launching its first foray into the cosmetics industry next month, with a beauty and make-up collection, featuring everything from foundation and bronzer, to mascara and lip liner. 'I really started thinking about Burberry make-up when we were working on the show several years ago,' says Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey.'I was looking at all the different ways the Burberry girl expresses herself, and it was the only element missing.' Burberry Beauty launches in-store at Harrods and online at on 12th July. One iconic item, worn in one hundred different ways. The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, has joined forces with Brit brand , to find the most stylish of people donning their famous trench coats. The project is in collaboration with 's new website, , and we got our hands on this exclusive behind-the-scenes video…The British brand launched their innovative social networking site back in early November, which is a dedication to the trench coat, and all who wear it. Fashion blogger Scott Schuman – who goes by the name The Sartorialist – is renowned for his high-fashion street style photography, and was approached by Burberry to put his skills to the test in a hunt for the most stylish of trench coat wearers. ‘My challenge was to find people wearing trench coats, that did it in a great way,' he explains. ‘How they wear it really kind of encapsulates who they are.'The project took several months to shoot, and the quest took him all over the world – from Berlin, to New York, to Milan – and you can check out the results for yourself .The website also enables users to upload their own pictures, so you can post a photo of yourself for others to comment on, add to favourites, or share with others on the site.There are only a few rules, the photo must be portrait, it must be taken outside, and of course, the subject must be wearing a trench. Happy snapping!Check out the video here, and let us know your thoughts in the comments box below. A stellar front row, indoor snow, the most prestigious venue in London town and a collection we all want right now – what was not to love at Burberry's autumn/winter 2011 collection at London Fashion Week?It was the spectacle that set the style world alight and was streamed live to 30-foot wide screens in Picadilly Circus – as well as on . The show attracted a full house with , , , , and Anna Wintour squeezing onto the front row – all wearing Burberry, of course.New face of the label, opened the show in a striking tangerine sculpted coat and a dalmation fur hat before changing to a second outfit – a yellow and teal checked short trench and the skinny black flares that soon became the eponymous bottom half for Burberry A/W'11.Burberry's creative director Christopher Bailey called this season his 'Shrimpton Collection' after the model and actress Jean Shrimpton and you can see the swinging 60s influence with nipped-in waists, glamorous fur accents and skin-tight flares.Aside from the odd piece in clay and a magnificent moss-coloured tweed fitted suit, Bailey's latest collection was dominated by primary colours and graphic checks in tweed, wool and chunky knits – giving the sense of a very British heritage with a modern spin.To a soundtrack of new track, Someone Like You, models sashayed down the runway with a louche elegance, culminating in a finale of bright lights, raptuous applause and simulated snow – all within the confines of the Kensington Gardens marquee. A Burberry show is never just a catwalk presentation, it's an experience. And Bailey's collection for A/W'11 was no exception.'s must-haves for A/W'11- Skinny black flares- Dalmation-fur hat- A trench (naturally)- Fur-trim sleeves- Cable knit jumperA hush passes around the vast temporary conservatory at the edge of Hyde park. The door close, the scrum is over. The paparazzi stop bothering big name guests Sienna Miller, Gemma Atterton, Ellie Goulding and Kanye West (again). The rest of us mere fashion mortals perch on the edge of our canvas stools and hold our collective breath for show to begin. Nina Simone's I Put a Spell on You chimes out – and Christopher Bailey does. Cara Delevigne is out first, supported by a grinning sister Poppy in the front row. She wears a full skirted plum trademark trench, belted at the waist. She's swiftly followed by Jourdan Dunn, in a full, green skirt and a plum and green jumper. Both wear deer-stalker-esque peaked caps with woolly bobbles on the top. It's at this point that I start to wonder whether Christopher Bailey knew something I don't about the weather for 2012…There follows the most exquisitely tailored pencil skirts, wedge boots, oversized collars – a few with fur trims, a hangover from AW'11 – prom dresses with full 50s skirts and nipped-in waists, and a strong bold stripe running through many of the pieces. Bailey combines Burberry heritage with eclectic touches, from heavy, woven, Mexican print coats to tribal, chunky jewellery and adornments. The overall effect is surprising: Feminine and nostalgic yet new and exciting. It's decidedly un-summery for the most part, with teals, plums and sombre greens making up the majority of the palette. But the muted tones only serve to make the odd flash of colour – Jourdan Dunn's divine turquoise trench – more vibrant than ever.The overall effect is one that has us smiling all the way back to our BlackBerrys and for the rest of the day.WATCH THE CATWALK SHOW VIDEO HERE:Luxe label Smythson has appointed former Burberry chief operations officer Andy Janowski as its new CEO. He takes over from Jacques Bahbout, the brand's owner who also serves as chairman. 
'The opportunity to join such an iconic British luxury brand and build towards fulfilling its tremendous potential is extremely rare,' said Janowski. 'Smythson's remarkably rich heritage and reputation presents fertile ground for growth, and I am very much looking forward to working together with our team to broaden the brand's horizons.'Janowski began his career at Banana Republic before becoming vice president of production and supply chain at Gap. According to Bahbout, he suits the role at Smythson due to his 'deep understanding of the luxury consumer.' set to start this weekend, and already the stars are flocking to the festival. And the first famous face we set eyes on? Burberry beauty Donning her wellies for the first day of festivities, our favourite was spotting sipping a cool drink and scoping out the stalls, with a seriously cool man in tow.And the stylish star set a high standard for festival fashion this weekend. Teaming her shiny black boots with some teeny Hudson hot pants, completed her look with an eye-wateringly tight Louis Vuitton basque (next season's, no less!) and lovely loose side plait. also opted for the obligatory large bag, slinging a camera over her shoulder for some high quality snaps. Also spotted out and about enjoying the festival's festivities was fashion maven, Pixie Geldof. A Glasto regular, the leggy lovely paired a barely-there Lycra leotard with a skinny lace cardie and battered boots for her day-one festival ensemble. Will you be attending Glastonbury this year? Let us know in the comments box below. Notice to our readers…We’d like to let you know that this site uses cookies. Without them you may find this site does not work properly and many features may be unavailable. More information on what cookies are and the types of cookies we use can be found A fitting finale to the 25th anniversary of , didn't fail to impress, not only for its British chic designs, but with the most A-list packed front row the style-fest has seen for seasons. Star spot of the day: Where do we start! provided LFW with its starriest guest list ever: Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler, Mary Kate Olsen, Frieda Pinto, Dev Patel, Alexa Chung, Agyness Deyn and Daisy Lowe. Phew! Dress of the day: beautiful printed cocktail dresses had the fashionistas swooning from the front rows. Must-see show of the day: Yep, it gets a second mention, but yesterday really was all about the day's final show, – the perfect end to another style-packed WATCH the Burberry show below: For more up-to-the-minute catwalk coverage, .Discover this season's most fashion-forward laptop. She’s one of our brightest home-grown design stars, and for the first time ever is to show the latest collection from her eponymous label at London Fashion Week.The designer, who counts stars such as , Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler and Alexa Chung as fans, has announced that she will present a ‘special one-off’ range on 18th February during the unveiling of the autumn/winter 2012 collections in the capital. She will continue to show her mainline collection during the Paris Fashion Week schedule.The new line is part of a series of Stella-related projects kicking off in London next year, including a ‘World of Stella’ exhibition at Selfridges, also launching in February 2012, as well as the opening of her second store in London, a new fragrance hitting beauty shops and her continued role as Creative Director of Adidas’ Team GB Olympics kit.Even though the presentation is billed as a one-off, the British Fashion Council will be hoping that its success can tempt Stella to bid farewell to Paris for good and permanently show in her hometown of London, as Burberry did with Milan with dazzling results. In other London Fashion Week news, the diffusion line McQ is also expected to show next season in the capital for the first time.It’s understood that the label, which was set up by McQueen in 2006 as a younger more affordable collection and whose signature tartan designs have been seen on the likes of Emma Watson and Rihanna on last week’s, is keen to have a presence on the LFW schedule to coincide with their plans to open a standalone flagship store next spring in Mayfair’s Dover Street. Exciting!London Fashion Week autumn/winter 2012 is set to be a cracker!Sting and Trudie Styler's 17-year-old daughter Coco is the latest celebrity offspring to turn model.

  350. As for what Chanel will present for July's couture show in Paris, Lagerfeld said: "This is too early! We don't know yet because I don't know myself."Getty Images Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld is getting paternal in his old age. The designer, 78, proudly posted photos on his Twitter of his Siamese kitten, Choupette, playing with its iPad with the words "My clever kitty."our editor recommendsRobert Pattinson Wears Head-To-Toe Gucci, Sports Chanel Watch in ‚Cosmopolis‘ (Video)Brad Pitt Is the New Face of Chanel Karl Lagerfeld Calls Tina Brown’s Newsweek a ‚S—ty Little Paper‘

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